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Followers of the Pagan faith believe in magic, Gods and Goddesses, personal empowerment and responsibility. This faith is an increasingly popular one throughout the world.

Magic works hand in hand with natural cycles of the earth and the will of the practitioner. To be truly effective in magical workings, one must first be able to connect with those natural forces, and focus one's will and intent toward the goal. People living in cities often face an uphill battle when working with magic and nature while dwelling in the concrete jungle. I hope to be able to help with this problem. 

Having lived in many large cities, I understand many of the problems associated with these seemingly contradictory lifestyles. Throughout this site, I will show you how I have found and created tiny bits of nature in the heart of the city, and how my wife and I have learned to draw nature and earth energy to ourselves, no matter where we are.

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The Neopagan mindset is about revering the natural world. As such, it is more important to be in touch with the cycle of life rather than any one particular part of the environment. Whether you work your magic in front of (possibly with the use of) a computer or in the middle of a forest, magic is a natural occurrence that can work for you every day.

This site is intended to provide a grounding in the basics of Neopagan religions, as well as a brief introduction to the rituals and practices of these religions. This site's main focus is faith as my wife and I practice it.

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Our tradition (The Wolf and Raven Path) is an eclectic one, influenced by Wicca, Erisianism, Native American and Gypsy beliefs. One of the strongest beliefs in the Wolf and Raven Path is personal choice and responsibility. I have chosen to share my knowledge on this site, and I will strive to provide a wide variety of information at an introductory level.

It is my sincere wish to share what I know freely, and to learn all I can along the way. Knowledge is a magic on its own, and the seeking of knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

Let Your Journey Begin ...

Pagan Religion: An Overview for the Curious and the Urban Pagan
What does Pagan Religion mean? It means different things to different people, and has different meanings in different contexts.
Becoming Pagan - The Wolf and Raven Path
Becoming Pagan is less of an event and more of process. You should begin by dedicating yourself to a study of Pagan Religion.
Pagan Traditions - the Churches of Paganism
Pagan Traditions vary widely, from catch-all Eclectic Pagans to strict Reconstructionism, . These are just a few
Pagan Holidays: Sabbats, Esbats and Other Rituals
A Brief Overview of the Pagan Holidays: Sabbats, Esbats and Other Rituals, with links to more detailed information
Urban Pagan Sabbats
The Pagan Sabbats are a major part of the Pagan Religion. Living and working in the city,it can be difficult remember and find time for these Holidays
Pagan Rituals
Ritual is important to any religion. Pagan Rituals are different from those of many other religions. You can learn these Pagan Rites fairly easily.
Urban Pagan Rituals
Traditional Wiccan rituals are performed in privacy and in the wilderness. These two things are both in short supply in urban settings.
Gods and Goddesses
The Pagan Pantheon has a large number of Gods and Goddesses collected from several cultures. It's best to start with a few from the most well known cultures
Urban Pagan Questions and Answers
Pagan in need of connections to like minded people, online or off? Have questions about paganism that are not being addressed? Ask Here!
Latest Pages
Dated list of the most recent Updates, changes and addition to
Magic, Witchcraft and Spellcraft
With so many forms of magic, how can you know which one is real? Surprise! They all are. Magic is in the individual, not the outer form.
Spells, Amulets and Potions
The techniques of spells can be very important. Combining rituals and objects directs your mind in the correct direction.
Ritual Tools
Ritual tools vary between traditions. They can range from a huge collection of specially consecrated devices to a single tool temporarily blessed.
Magical Crafts
Magical crafts are a way for pagans to connect to their history and to improve their connection to the spiritual world. Almost every pagan indulges in some form of crafting
Divination, Intuition, Fortune Telling and Psychic Ability
Divination and magic are two sides of the same coin. In magic, you will the universe to change. Divination allows the universe to impart truth to you.
Each week this page will feature a different article about our Crystals of the Week selected from those submitted by our community of visitors.
The Wolf and Raven Grimoire: A Book of Shadows
The Grimoire is simply the section of our Book of Shadows that contains spells. The spells on this page are directly from The Wolf and Raven Grimoire.
The Urban Pagan Community Grimoire
Like the Wolf and Raven Grimoire, the spell included here have been used effectivly by members of our community.